Central Park, Ottawa, Ontario


The proposed organization seeks to offer skill development opportunities to TBI victims though exposing them to a functional, low demand, work environment that hosts a range of occupations. This setting offers the individual an opportunity to explore his / her capabilities through engagement in a variety of occupational roles. This assists in the re-acquisition of prior skills, and permits the identification of an optimum occupational fit compatible with the injured state.

Persons suffering from TBI frequently display a strong preference for routinized tasks. The goal is to accommodate individuals at this base level while permitting future progression and an opportunity to develop an increased skills repertoire. This progression would be tailored to the needs of the individual.

Occupational roles will be derived from the identification of sub-economic market niches. These are areas of market activity which are not presently capable of supporting a viable commercial enterprise due to low economic returns but which offer experiential benefits to participants coupled with a community social benefit .

The occupational roles will be derived internal to the organization as it engages with the community in providing a range of services in the public market. It is believed the organization will be able to establish itself as a self funding social enterprise with any profits being applied to research funding or utilized in capacity building.

As the organization matures it is intended that it transition to a co-operative model in which the client group become the owners/ managers of the enterprise. This change in structure will not alter the organizational objectives of providing rehabilitation training and advancing related research.

Organizational activities will likely result in future spin-off entrepreneurial ventures in which a group of TBI clients “graduate” and initiate an entrepreneurial venture independent of the parent organization. It is expected that such independent ventures would continue their association with the parent organization resulting in an expanding network of opportunity.