Civic Centre, Ottawa, Ontario


The following section details aspects of my past work background that have application to this project.

My formal CV detailing my involvement in Human Resource Development / Organizational Development may be found here:  CV HRD/OD

From 1999 to 2011 I was employed in the IT sector as a Technical Support Engineer. In this role I assisted enterprise customers with a range of hardware installations including SAN, NAS, and tape technologies, x86 and PA-RISC server architectures, a range of associated technology products and both handheld and mobile technologies. During this period I also participated in team development as a QA Analyst and coach mentor.

I have a long history of involvement in IT commencing with early university studies in symbolic and Boolean logic, and programming (PL1 with punch card input on a time shared mainframe; various early text composition systems with 8 level TTL input), developed a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) while employed by Bow Valley Offshore, coded utility programs in x86 Assembly, developed a variety of RDBM products, developed and lead a corporate DTP team, and developed the information architecture for a web resource designed to assist young people in gaining a perspective on the world of work.

I have considerable experience in working with early stage organizations. These include: early work in developing a Coast Guard Volunteer Auxiliary, participating in the start-up of Lighthouse Productions, assisting in BVOD’s expansion, assisting Lavalin in the creation of a team to manage their global publication requirements, providing consulting services to early stage start-ups.

While I have considerable past experience I am faced with the challenge posed by my injury and am uncertain about my current ability to perform in any of the roles I have previously undertaken.

I am also in need of work.  I would gladly accept employment as a food service dishwasher, or in a janitorial role. If you know of any such openings, please notify me via the feedback tab in the left margin.