Cyclists, Ottawa, Ontario


It is envisaged that as the organization matures it will develop a network of sponsors, mentors, and interested parties. These developments lie in the future.

Please note that an expression of interest on your part does not result in any formal commitment or obligation. This proposal is presently at the concept review stage and the key concern is one of obtaining feedback from potential stakeholders and from members of the greater community. Any feedback received would serve to improve the concept and / or better align the project with existing initiatives.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you.


February 17th 2015

The project was presented to members of the Board of the Brain Injury Association of the Ottawa Valley. The response was positive and a detailed implementation plan for an initial pilot project is being prepared for presentation to the BIAOV.


 February 18th 2015

The project was presented to a local representative of the Neil Squire’s Society. The response was positive and there exists a complementary fit between the activates and objectives of the Society and those of the proposed organization.