Wellington West, Ottawa, Ontario


The About pages provide background information on the proposal. This information is displayed in the following sections:

  • History details the development of the proposal
  • Examples provides anecdotal evidence supporting the project
  • Skills lists aspects of my work history that contribute to the project
  • Supporters is a page intended to list people and organizations willing to participate in the further development of the project, or persons interested in keeping abreast of proceedings. The initial distribution is being made in January 2014 and it may be some months before there are any listings on this page

If you wish to contact me the best form of contact is via email. Please use the Feedback form located in the left hand margin.

Please note that an expression of interest does not result in any formal commitment, or obligation, on your part. The proposal is presently at the concept review stage and the key concern is one of obtaining feedback from potential stakeholders, and members of the larger community.